Let your commercial setting stand out with Matthew Wade Decorators Ltd

Over the last few months we have really started to increase our number of painting and decorating projects carried out in the commercial sector across Bedford, Leicester, Lincolnshire and Peterborough. Our recent commercial projects have included a sports centre swimming pool and changing room areas, schools and new housing developments. We are dedicated to continuing to develop our presence in this sector and just this week the team are working on a painting and decorating project in a traditional country house hotel.

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Bring your interiors back to life this autumn

With the autumn season now under way, it may be worth considering reviatalising the interior of your building. In this article we will we be looking at the features of interior paint products that will certainly assist you in ensuring your commercial setting is brought back to life this autumn.

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Let your building shine with Matthew Wade Decorators Ltd

Over the summer we have showcased our painting and decorating projects across our social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These projects have included both domestic projects across a variety of homes in Lincolnshire and commercial projects in schools located in Bedford, Leicester and Stamford.

If you would like to take a closer look at all our projects, click on the link below, where you will get a real feel for the work we do with regard to internal and external decorating.

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Failing to paint properly is preparing to fail

Whether you are responsible for the everyday upkeep of the interior and exterior of buildings, for example a school, university, hotel, spa, restaurant, conference room, factory or office, each have their own specific requirements in terms of the painting projects you commission. However, there are common criteria that should be considered regardless of the building that will help make painting projects a lasting success.

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Let your Country Inn exteriors stand out this summer

A country Inn’s external appearance is vital to its success, as it sends all sorts of signals to people passing by on what they will find inside. One thing is for certain, the finished look of your Country Inn’s exterior paint will need to create a fantastic first impression retaining all the heritage and history of the building to really impress your customers.

If you are thinking of reviving the exterior of your Country Inn this summer, there are a number of decorative coatings currently available which you can choose from that will give you long lasting performance, help extend the redecoration schedules and protect the fabric of the building to preserve it for the future.

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Let your university be educated in paint

With universities taking their next intake of students in September, it is extremely important to have a first rate campus to improve the students learning experience. One way to make sure a university stands out from the crowd is to choose paint products which are renowned for quality, durability and outstanding aesthetics.

Specifying a highly durable and hardwearing paint to combat the high traffic nature of any university, especially in entrances and corridors is an important consideration. Paint that can extend maintenance cycles by being easy to maintain, easy to clean and having excellent stain resistance is also an added benefit for universities as it reduces the need for costly redecoration. For example, anti-bacterial paint is ideal for student kitchens and student residences. It is highly durable and capable of withstanding stringent cleaning regimes, maintaining a clean, fresh finish to extend redecoration schedules.

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It’s the paint you choose that brings your hotel to life

Whether you need to paint the interior or exterior of your hotel or both, one thing is for certain, the finished look of your hotel’s exterior and interior will need to create a fantastic first impression to really impress your guests, while at the same time retaining all the heritage and history of the building. The finished look will be impacted by both the colours that you select and the type of paint that is used.

Refurbishing any building is also an expensive task, therefore using decorative coatings that will give a long lasting performance and an extended redecoration cycle, typically lasting between 8 and 10 years can make surfaces look better for longer, saving time and money. Maintenance cycles can be extended by using three part systems comprising of a preservative primer, flexible undercoat and top coat.

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A newly decorated home for new beginnings

When painting and decorating homes on new housing developments, the key factor to consider is to ensure the properties are presented to their fullest potential to prospective buyers both internally and externally, as first impressions are absolutely pivotal.

Internally, quick drying, virtually solvent free paint systems including primer undercoats and top coats are ideal options, especially those formulated to combat the accelerated yellowing often associated with new build environments. These paint systems can be applied throughout new build homes, on room doors, cupboard doors and window sills. Also choosing paint which really reflects the light throughout the homes’ rooms making them look brighter, fresher and more inviting is another ideal option.

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School’s out for Summer, let the painting begin

With schools breaking up for Summer in just a couple of weeks, now is probably the ideal time for thinking about redecorating the interior or exterior of your school. This is to ensure your school looks re-energised and vibrant for students returning or starting school in September. Such is the importance of good school interior design it can have a major impact on your school’s performance and reputation. Therefore, creating a bright and inspiring environment for staff, students and visitors, by selecting the right paint colour and product both internally and externally is crucial.


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Create a warm and welcoming environment for your care home

Care homes require professionally painted and decorated rooms and hallways to impress potential guests and visitors, and provide current guests and residents with a friendly, warm and welcoming environment. Utilising the painting and decorating products currently available in a wide range of colours, your care home has the potential to look beautifully decorative and engaging.

Internally, ideal paint products for high traffic areas such as corridors are low odour, water based systems which have fast drying times for the comfort and convenience of residents. Products which are able to withstand repeated cleaning and are extremely durable should definitely be considered. A smooth matt finish could also be applied on the ceilings throughout the care home, while doors, window sills and skirting boards should ideally be decorated with a quick dry gloss paint over a quick dry primer undercoat.


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